Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday - recovery done correctly with no meat product.

Last night, when I went to bed I said "to heck with it."
The reason for my unusually course language was my decision to sleep in. I'm not setting the alarm clock. I will not get out of bed until my eyes pop open and I'm ready to welcome the new day with a great big smile and a pat on the back.

And that's what I did. I think it was the 77 mile ride of Saturday and a relatively busy weekend. I felt a little tired and entitled to a little "me time."

So at 6AM, I was beginning my recovery ride. This is a ride that I usually don't do correctly. At some point there's someone on the trail (where all of my recovery rides are held) going faster than I am. Since I think I'm the main thing on everyone's mind, whether they know me or not, I have a hard time letting the 70 year old mtn biker with cutoff jeans go. Why, I can't have him thinking he's faster than me (even if he knows me only as "some guy"). So I work too hard on recovery day - so complete strangers don't have stories for their buddies about this "roadie" on the trail. All of this actually does go through my mind.
"I'm so vain, I probly think this blog is about me ..."

Today was different, though. Maybe I'm growing up. Maybe, just maybe I can let the mtn biker go. Nope. There was no one on the trail today (at 6 AM). So I did about 17 miles of painfully easy spinning. It took 72 minutes (14.17 MPH).

Then Jack (first born son, age 4) and I went to taco bell for perhaps the most disgusting breakfast imaginable. I saw exactly the same people at taco bell that I saw on the trail (nobody). I can understand, though. It was terrible. Not only that, but it wasn't very good either.

They have this scrambled egg, bacon taco thing. How could that not be excellent?
Well the egg was all chunky like it had been baked in a mold or something and chopped up. The bacon was just this salty bacon bit crap. Yuck.

There was also coffee. And I'm not joking here. It had a slight aroma of old dishrag. You know that smell that a rag gets after it has been in the kitchen, wiping down the counters too long. Kind of a rusty, rotting smell? Maybe you don't. Maybe you don't let it come to that before you change out the dishrag - but let's just say - it's not a smell you want coming out of a cup of coffee.
"I had some dreams, they were rags in my coffee ..."

Taco Bell should just serve their nasty lunch/dinner/fourth meal menu for first meal. It sucks, too. But at least it's genuine meat product.

Mmm meat product.

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