Thursday, April 30, 2009


Definitely less scary. I can eat hot dogs again. Yaaay!

Even though we now know that this impending pandemic (along with other illnesses attributed to this) could kill hundreds - even several hundreds worldwide, there is a certain monetary and political responsibility we all share. Yes, it is deadly. Almost as deadly as the sorts of flu that come around every year. But that's no reason to be insensitive.

The more civilized among us are now calling it "North American Flu". The reason? Well, "Swine flu" was upsetting people who sell swine. "Mexican flu" was upsetting Mexicans - and Taco Bell. "H1N1" isn't scary sounding enough. Mostly because there's no way to be scared enough. Howard Hughes had it right. Germs are bad. They will kill you. Right now. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it no matter how you try. So the best thing to do is worry and obsess over it until you blow your brains out. Or your brain - for those of you with just one.

You'll never take me alive, H1N1!!! Hahahaha!

Edit: Note. It is ok to eat pork. Under no circumstances should you eat uncooked humans with H1N1 symptoms.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Aaaaahhh! Don't touch your eyes! Wash your hands! Avoid doing the "Farmer's blow" or you'll kill everyone that ever lived and even give them the flu.

Oh yeah - GM is firing 23,000 people and ending Pontiac.

New stuff.

Brady sent me an email the other day. It reminded me that I have this blog.

The headlines.

I have not been on my bike for a while. But will start riding very soon.

I have been on the golf course/range nearly every day.

Almost all of my free time (golf course is not free) has been spent trying to get the new house ready (it is not yet done - about a week away).

The 58 inch plasma HD with surround sound, etc, etc. Is almost done.

I had to switch back to golfing right handed. Instructor's Orders.