Thursday, December 17, 2015

The homy

This post is called "The Homy."  There's no way a post called "The Homy" can live up to its title.  Maybe someday, I'll write a post called "The Homy" that is actually about the legendary "Homy Inn."

But not tonight.  Tonight I just went to the Homy to meet up with a bunch of friends/teammates and drink some beer and champagne and stuff.

Well the whole thing went on a little late and then I had to go buy some scotch tape and Sharpies.

I was going to write/rant about something that's been bugging me, but I need to go to bed.  I don't want to rush the planned post.  I want to really get the point across.

I won't say what it's about, but I will say - It's something related to bikes and it's horrible.  No, it's not Fat Bikes.  Yes, they are completely stupid, but I've already talked about that.

So this new gripe is for next week.

This week.  Well this week I'm going to break a rule of mine.  I normally refuse to discuss politics.  It's boring and stupid.  But with the way the Republican race is heating up, I can no longer keep quiet.

Whether you're a Trump man or an apostle of "The Rube" please read carefully what I have to say.  I know that the chance of me changing anyone's opinion is next to nothing.  But this is important. I have to try.  Don't make me say anything about the "precipice" we're on.  Just read it with an open mind. Please.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you now understand just how passionate I am about this thing.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bob the car wash manager guy

Bob lives in Coralville Iowa.  Five months ago, he moved there from Maine.  He manages a Laser Wash Plus.  Laser Wash Plus is a place to wash your car.  It has 8 bays with power washers.

I met Bob last Saturday afternoon.  I was waiting for a bay to open up.  There was a line of cars waiting at each of the open bays.  I went to the sixth one from left to right and waited.  There was a guy washing his Mercedes in that one and a couple of cyclists waiting to wash Jingle cross off their bikes behind Mr Mercedes.  All the other bays already had at least 2 cars waiting.  Except for bay 4, which was "Out of Order"

Five of the Se7en working bays were being used to wash bikes.  Everybody washing the bikes was still in their muddy skinsuits.

I was also there to wash my bikes.  But I was in regular clothes.  I had gone to the hotel and showered before going to the car wash.

So Bob was walking around, marveling at the spectacle that was the aftermath of Jingle Cross Saturday.  He spotted me and said, "There's some sort of bike thing going on today."

I thought he was joking.

"Never seen anything like it.  I have to keep cleaning up all the grass. It clogs up the drain.  It's a real mess.  I don't mind though.  Pays the same."

"Yeah - it's some muddy races down yonder a speck," I said trying to blend in.  I had no idea what I was doing.

"Oh you know about it?" - Now I was sure he was goofing with me.

"Yeah I raced today."

Then Bob looked up to see my bikes on the rack behind my car.  The realization hit him.  Hard.

"But you're so ... clean."  He really said this.

"Yeah - unlike these guys, my bikes are a lower priority to me."

Bob seemed to think that was funny.  I knew he was a little bothered by "cleaning up the grass."  He said he wasn't. It was all in a day's work and so on, but I know I would be annoyed by it.  So I instinctively separated myself from the others, even though I was about to leave as much grass as the rest of them.

"Tell you what", he said, "Do you need soap?"

"No.  Just water."

"Bay 4 is closed off because there's no soap. Otherwise it works fine. Drive around over there and I'll get you in."

It always helps to know somebody.  Bob did me a solid and I won't forget it.

Maybe next time I'm in Coralville, I'll mow his lawn or something.  Then clean the mower at the car wash.  It could happen.