Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Face painting alarmist

Bryan had a photo of a face painting arsonist on his site. He was not happy with the response. Meet Frank. A face painting alarmist who declared that the world would end 19 years ago yesterday, (10/30/1988) which would have been my 24th birthday.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nebraska Names Osbourne New Head Coach

Lincoln -- The University of Nebraska has named John Osbourne as its Head Football Coach. Interim Husker Athletic Director Tom Osborne made the announcement on Thursday morning, after introducing Osbourne to the team.

Osbourne, known to his friends and fans as simply “Ozzy” is a former “Heavy Metal” musician. Osborne explained his decision to hire Osbourne, “He brings a traditional sounding last name to the program along with a bat-biting intensity that this university has been missing for quite some time.”

Critics of the move say that Osbourne, a foreigner, cannot represent Nebraska football. “Isn’t he British or something?” one fan asked. Many feel that even though Osbourne does “rock”, his lack of coaching experience may hinder his ability to have a positive impact on the program. "Not so," says Dan Cook, longtime NU booster, "Ozzy rocks. Period."

Osbourne’s candidacy for the position came about after Nebraska alumnus, Tommy Lee turned down an offer to lead the team back to prominence. “Have you heard about these breakfasts they have? They’re like in the fucking morning and shit! No way,” explained Dr. Lee.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm bembarrassed for you

Not to step into Bryan's territory or anything, but ...
I was watching the "news" last night. The top story: the hiring of new interim AD at UNL, Tom Osborne, or as people from other states say, "Osbourne". Apparently, he was with Black Sabbath for a while.
Anyway, WOWT pointed out that you can leave comments on their website and provided a sampling. Wow. It's worse than I ever imagined. I'm a college football fan, and particularly of the Huskers. The stuff Bryan and Munson have said lately seems possible, but more of an exaggeration - that is until I took a look at what these people are saying. The complete article is here. But I selected a sampling (below a ways) to give you an idea of what I saw. I'm not sure why people are actually "thanking the creator of the universe" for this. I want to see the way it turns after Nebraska (they, not we) loses the next 3 or 4. Those comments will be very entertaining. We truly will "restore the tradition". Why, I don't remember bashing Osborne (Osbourne) for at least 10 years (except when he was running for Governer). Those were the days. Osborne bashing. It's been too long. It will be like seeing an old friend. Just wait. It will happen.

First it will be "Well he doesn't call the plays, That's Callahan."

Then it will be "Why doesn't he just fire Callahan?"

Then the inevitable, "Fuckin' Osborne! Why didn't you just stay gone you outdated piece of shit!!"


Osborne knows this though. He's probably got bets with Callahan and Pederson as to how long it will take us to respectfully ask for his head. Good times. Anyway, here's the sampling:

Posted by: Tony B Location: Omaha
Tom is a great choice and with Dave Rimmington as the AAD we will be good for several years. The glory days for our University will return soon.

Posted by: Anonymous Location: Omaha
Maybe now they can see if Solich will come back. We where doing better when he was coach. Also, we need to get rid of the new music for the tunnel walk and start using the old one again. the new one stinks. A concerned husker fan

Posted by: Amen Location: Thank GOD
Hey, great move by the chance.. We now have hope! Cally days are numbered.. We will shine in this time of darkness.. GBR!!!!!

Posted by: Ping Location: Omaha
It is now 3:12 CDT, ten mintutes ago our beloved T.O. was announced the AD!! Behold, the sun is now starting to shine! Perhaps a sign of things to come?? GO BIG RED!!!

Posted by: Martin Location: Omaha
The sun is smiling over Nebraska today!

Posted by: Chris Location: Lincoln
Its the return of the king

Posted by: Susie Location: Omaha
I knew God was a Husker Fan!

Posted by: jk Location: omaha
instead of restore order, we should be shouting "Restore Tradition!!! Way to go Perlman for getting it right this time! Thanks Tom for accepting the challenge! Our sons of Nebraska will once again get to live the dream of playing for the HUSKERS and feel the PRIDE that goes with the dream!!

Posted by: joe Location: omaha

Posted by: Dave Location: Ralston
I remember when I was a little kid and NU lost a game,I was so disapointed,but my parents asured me,when I woke up the next day,the sun would still come up. Well after the OSU debacle the sun was nowhere to be found..then,like it was waiting for the right time,the sun came out here in the Omaha area atound 3:00 pm..Ironic maybe,fitting ABSOLUTELY! Mom and were right,as usual!

Posted by: Mary Location: Lincoln
I was hoping and praying yesterday already that this would happen. This is a great thing. He understands the tradition here at Nebraska and sill strive to get it back!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Mary Location: Papillion
Dear Nancy O, Please allow Tom to come out and play. If there is anything we fans can do for you...just say the word. Whatever you want!

Note: Nancy is Tom Osborne's wife. She's probably thinking "Yeah - how about a nice glass of 'shut the hell up'?"

Friday, October 12, 2007


if you're so lazy that you can't even post about how lazy you are, at least you can point to other posts to get the job done. Whew. Time for my nap.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

This in no way seems stupid ...

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me this photo of a revolutionary bike design. It's "safe" and "fast". I pretty much dismissed it as one of the stupidest things I ever saw. But then, I saw something that made me realize maybe it's not such a new idea.

Care to accompany me to the Salon, m'lady?

Who knows ... Maybe one day, we'll all be adding our awesome arm strength to the cycling equation (oh yeah - pushing 200 pounds of steel up a hill at 50 MPH seems reasonable, and very safe).

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ok, I can come out and play now

I had my first biology test yesterday. I'm pretty sure I did not fail. This is one of a sequence of 2 Biology classes I need to graduate. It is not an introductory class, so it’s pretty involved. The prerequisite is high school Biology, which I took about 5 years before any of my classmates were born. Back then it was called Biology: crazy new ideas from that Darwin guy. I had some catching up to. I think I’m on top of it now. Today marks day 27 of me not riding. Wow. Tomorrow, I ride.

Disclaimer: That's not me in the photo. That's just the first photo that comes up in Google images for the word "studying".