Friday, May 18, 2007

The evils of 1 or 2 beers, By Floyd and Uncle Ron

First it was alcohol (4 to 6, then 1 to 2 drinks) that caused synthetic testosterone to show up in floyd's system.
Next it was "a few beers" that turned Wacky old Mel Gibson into a NAZI.

Now It's 1 or 2 beers that made Will Googily (or whatever) threaten Greg Lemond. Uh and from his own cell phone. Someone check Gooligy's Testosterone level.

How about, "I'm sorry. I'm a cheater, racist and well - idiot." These are much more sympathetic (and honest) explanations for the above behavior.

Don't blame the alcohol.

I've never done anything after drinking that I wouldn't normally do with the following exception:
    laugh at really stupid stuff
    make blog entries
    play poker

But even though it's a long long list, this is only after A LOT of alcohol.
The things that are different after 1 or 2 beers:

    1 or 2 less beers in the refrigerator
    I laugh a little louder during "Scrubs"
    I put a lamp shade on my head.

Ok, I don't really laugh louder at scrubs, but you get the point.