Friday, June 27, 2008

The best hamburger in the world (or within driving distance)

My dad talks about the best hamburger that ever existed. According to him it was the number 7 from the Blue Ox fast food restaurant on 30th and Cass St. It’s not there anymore. It closed down before I was old enough to get a number 7. For years we all heard stories about the near divorce over one of these prized dandies. My dad was going to get hisself a dear old Number 7 and asked my mom if she wanted one. She said no. When he got back …

Mom: Do you think I could have a little bite of that sandwich.

Dad: I asked you if you wanted one before I left. I want a whole one. Not a portion of one. I didn’t go down to the Blue Ox and ask for a sandwich with a bite out of it. They’ve done careful studies on the proper sandwich size for a man of my general build, etc. etc.

Mom: I can’t believe you! You won’t even give me one bite of your precious little …

Dad: I asked you if you wanted one. You said you weren’t hungry.

Mom: I wasn’t. But it’s just that when I smelled it – it smells so good. I know I should have gotten one now, but I …

Dad: Damn right you should have gotten one. Cause you ain’t getting a fuckin’ speck of mine, bitch!

Mom: Don’t call me bitch, you asshole!

Dad: Go see why Freddie’s crying!

Mom: I know why he’s crying. Cause his dad’s a dick.

Dad: That’s it. You want the sandwich? You can have it. I’m outta here.

Mom: Fine, leave!! But don’t forget your new girlfriend! (picks up sandwich, throws it in dad’s face).

Dad: Arg. (Leaves house for something like 3 days).

Then there was the Tropic’s burger. My personal favorite hamburger in the world. It was from the Tropic’s bar on Saddle creek and California. Tropic’s is gone now, too.

Since then, there hasn’t really been any burger that gets me crazy. I guess it’s a very personal thing. My dad loved Tropic’s burgers as well, but to him, there will never be another number 7. If there was, I bet he’d drive over a median and cut through traffic in a very dangerous way to get to it.

I should try Don and Millie’s some time.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I saw mod riding home from work today

I was riding home from work. Mod was riding home from work.

I have a question. Did helmets go out of style recently? Several times yesterday, I saw people riding on the trail without helmets. Not just recreational cyclists either. Some serious looking leg-shorn lycra guys out there. I started wearing a helmet about 25 years ago because people (other cyclists) started applying pressure. Back then, a 14 oz helmet was supposed to be ultra light. So yeah, lots of neck strain. I've never really liked wearing one, even now that they're so light, the only way you can tell you have one on is by all the sweat pouring into your eyes. But I wear one because it's generally perceived as the right thing to do. I have never worn a helmet for safety.

If this helmet fad has passed - let me know.


Monday, June 23, 2008

I didn’t see Brady riding this morning

See how I tried to make it sound like I expected to see Brady riding his bike this morning? What actually happened was as follows:

I rode my bike to work this morning and I didn’t see Brady.

I work at infoUSA in Papillion.

I left my house at about 6:30.

I took the keystone south down to the Big Papio or whatever it’s called. The right turn at Culver’s.

Then, with great courage, I rode the few kilometers ( ~ .62 mileses) down the big Papio to 72nd and South of Cornhusker.

Still determined to make it all the way to work on my bicycle, I got onto 72nd street and headed north to 1st street in Papillion. At this point, I almost gave up and turned around but since it was only about 500 more meters (metres) to the shiny new bike rack that infoUSA has installed recently (huzzah!), I gutted it out. Then I realized I left my car at home. Poor planning on my part I’m afraid. Looks like I’ll have to call a cab or something to get home.

Not sure how I’ll get any driving range practice in today either.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something's wrong with gmail's spam filter

from 10:30 to 1:30, GMail says I got 8 spam messages, so I go look. Apparently, they've got the filtering turned way up, because I'm missing important e-mails. Like the one my good friend Norwood Tobias sent to me about my favorite beer (Kock Spotwiser). Or the one I almost missed from "A Friend" with a Wal-mart gift card.

Also, a person is searching for me. It is very important that I know about this. I must say, I'm a little disappointed with gmail.

ok, I can continue now.